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Learn How to Create an Optimised Windows Image for Horizon at VMworld 2021

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

VMware VMworld 2021 once again will be an online event in October and is free to attend, with access using the General Pass, register at

This yearly event is pinnacle to anyone wanting to understand the VMware portfolio and solutions offered. As my blog focuses on Anywhere Workspace / EUC, one session that stands out for me, which I strongly recommend, is the Create, Automate, and Optimize a Windows Image for Horizon, session ID EUS1549.

Image optimisation is one part of the VDI solution that usually gets missed, and typically is the root cause of most performance-related issues seen with Horizon deployments. Many organisations simply take their existing image(s), whether used in physical or virtual environments and use them to deploy their Horizon virtual desktops without giving much further thought to the optimisation of the image.

Not only using an existing image may cause issues, but with each release of Windows 10, various elements of the operating system change, which can also contribute to performance issues in VDI. This session will provide a low down on the need to optimise, and more importantly, how to optimise the correct way, providing you with the knowledge to ensure you start your VDI implementations the right way.

The VMworld 2021 content catalogue is available at, make sure you check out all the other amazing sessions and tracks.

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Shah G
Shah G
Sep 01, 2021

Hi Surj, how to register to this session.

I searched in catalog but there is no option to register for this session.

Surj Randhawa
Surj Randhawa
Nov 09, 2021
Replying to

Hi Shah G, I'm extremely sorry for the long delay in replying to you. The session was available to paid ticket holders and that may have been the reason you couldn't view it. I've been told it won't be available in the on-demand library either.

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